Royalists in Ontario Strengthen their Commitment to the Alma Mater!

On the 26th of March 2024, the President of the RCOBA – Ontario, Mr. Dilkaran Rajendra, along with Mr. Sam Samarajeewa, donated 10 general scholarships to the Loyalty Pledge Fund dedicated towards creating equal opportunities for all students of Royal College. Furthermore, Mr. Sam Samarajeewa, from the same organization, donated a Chromebook laptop to the Loyalty Pledge Management Committee.

Gentlemen, we, as the Loyalty Pledge Management Committee, highly appreciate your generous donation towards this worthy cause, and we hope to work hand in hand with the RCOBA- Ontario in the future as well. Once again, while extending our gratitude towards the RCOBA- Ontario, we would like to remind all our distinguished old Royalists that you are the links that help create the safety net for the present students of Royal College.

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