About Us

Loyalty Pledge…

We at Loyalty Pledge are committed to supporting fellow Royalists who are aspiring to achieve their dreams. Loyalty Pledge is sustained by its own income sourcing programmes and donations of past Royalists and Non- Royalists alike living around the world.

Our Mission

We believe that a student’s social, financial or family circumstances should not be a barrier to unleash his true potential. Our mission is to be a safety net for all students who face challenges of whatever type whilst studying in Royal. It is going further to make them well rounded gentlemen with skills and attitudes valued and sought after and expected by the world from a “Royalist” when they step out to the Boake Gates.

Our Beginning

Loyalty Pledge was established in 2002 with a dedicated management committee appointed by the Royal College Union. It is administered by the Loyalty Pledge Management Committee consisting of the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer appointed by the Royal College Union every year. The Management Committee is supported by a committee of old Royalists and full-time administration staff.