The Loyalty Pledge

Make Your Loyalty Count

Our purpose...

Loyalty Pledge is a well thought-out and comprehensive Support System for Royalists who are pursuing secondary and tertiary education with special needs.

These special needs could be economic, psychological, educational or social.

Loyalty Pledge manages several programmes directed at finding solutions for today’s young Royalists who face many challenges in our fast-changing socio-economic environment.

It is perhaps the most successful and well-entrenched support system that operates in any school in Sri Lanka.

What we do...

Educational Scholarships to Students and Undergraduates

Loyalty Pledge offers the following scholarships to Royalists who are pursuing secondary and tertiary education in Sri Lanka. The students are selected for the scholarships through a stringent criterion which considers academic and co-curricular activities of the student.

Our Contribution to the society...

Loyalty Pledge has awarded 2,634 “Help a Needy Student” Scholarships since 2003. Our contribution to the Royalist community helped a number of students to achieve their academic goals despite their financial obstacles. These obstacles might have prevented them from succeeding in their goals had Loyalty Pledge not been there.

Donations and Partnerships...

As the donations are the primary source of income of Loyalty Pledge, we welcome your generous contribution. We would like to highlight that all donations are collected into the fund of Loyalty Pledge from which the scholarship amounts are distributed. We do not disclose the identity of the scholars to the donors as we believe that the dignity of scholars should be respected.